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We only strive to provide the most secure, High-Yield, and Real Estate backed Notes to our investors, while providing a quick & guaranteed funding for our well qualified borrowers!

Jaspreet Baveja

Welcome to the Secret World of Private Money Lending! Excited?

The idea of guaranteed monthly payments without having to lift a finger sounds like some pipe dream, right!? Private Money Lending as the passive income vehicle is the perfect candidate for getting you there. It offers you mental and financial security, portfolio diversification and excellent returns.

Aren’t you tired of the 1% or lower yields on investment from your Savings Accounts!

Whether you are new to investing, an experienced investor, or a Real-Estate Mogul, this strategy is sure to make you realize that your money can work harder to help you attain your dreams! Whether that’s to enjoy more time with your family, travel the World or follow your passions in your own business…

With a physical Real-Estate asset securing your Private Note/Loan, your risks are mitigated farther than they could be in any other investment vehicle capable of generating anywhere near the Annualized rate of return these diversified PASSIVE investments can.

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There are so many investment vehicles out there, especially in a market where you could throw a dart and hit an undervalued stock surely to gain back its market share in the coming months or buying up physical real estate in sight of such low rates. But, NONE of those are as hassle-free, headache-free, or management free as being a Private Money Lender with a trusted partner to help you evaluate the borrower, the property, and the overall deal!

Here are some of the safeguards that come with any investments we approve:

  • Your loan is always in the 1st Position Lien (Primary Lien)
  • Loans given out to an entity with a proven track-record
  • Borrower & “deal” vetted by a trusted source
  • Real-Estate is valued by an un-biased 3rd party
  • Mortgage & Deed recorded at the County level
  • Asset is Protected by Title Insurance & Property Insurance

After successfully completing well over $4M of transactions with my own funds while maintaining a 0% default rate, it’s definitely a proven system that’s worth a look. With the heavily discounted purchase price, an extremely conservative Loan to Value ratio, and ample “skin in the game” from the borrower, you can rest easy knowing that your funds are being deployed into an investment with exceptional equity and a seasoned operator to manage it well.

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We’ve got access to lawyers ready to take your call, answer your questions, clarify any pitfalls/risks and help you navigate the process of securing your position the best you can. You will have an invaluable resource at your disposable, whether by phone / text / email / carrier pigeon, I will be available to answer any questions, deep dive through any analysis or to reassure you that it’s ok to say no!

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